this is me!

I am fully passionate about discovering how everything works, why it works and how to improve the world with new ideas.

I'm a designer with years of experience in graphic, product and user-centered design. Graduated in Design at Universidade Feevale, I regularly develop projects related to communication, writing and typography.

I have been a designer since my first childhood memory. Unsatisfied with the world and the things around me, I learned early on to ask why things are as they are, and to try to change them for the better, from day to day tasks to professional projects.

I consider myself highly capable of performing all the steps of a design project, such as research and analysis of data and scenarios, sketching and ideas generation, technical development and graphic representation. I also have good skills in HTML and CSS.


I have had the opportunity to lead project teams and, because of my interpersonal skills and empathy, I've always developed this role in a positive way, promoting the development of the qualities of all the participants.





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